Strategic Consulting

Asterisk Realty offers strategic consulting to overseas fund managers to help with brand recognition, network establishment, and the introduction of institutional investors for capital placement.

Without an established brand presence in Japan, it is difficult for overseas fund managers to gain the trust of institutional investors. Asterisk Realty helps to create this brand presence through marketing activities, all of which are tailored to our clients needs, including but not limited to: seminar arrangements, market specific Japanese newsletters, and PR editorial arrangements.


Offer brokerage services along with tailored strategic approaches that provide international investors with advice on property development, ownership, investment/divestment, and occupation.

Special Expertise

Our expertise and network lie in these three segments.

    • Luxury Hospitality

  • Case Study 1: Joint Venture with one of the largest hotel and resort operators in Japan, assisting with their efforts to expand operations and investment globally. As their joint venture partner, we are helping them find a capable overseas partner and source capital.

  • Case Study 2: Consulting overseas hospitality brands with no Japan presence on how to build brand establishment, assisting with marketing, and sourcing hotel development/ acquisition opportunities.

    • Integrated Resorts
  • Case Study1: Assisting¬†with positive promotion of the Integrated Resorts business, namely in respect to its effect on the real estate and hospitality market. Regularly hold seminars and arrange for editorials in Japanese magazines for overseas Intergrated Resort Operators.

  • Case Study 2: Arranging meetings with Overseas Integrated Resort Operators with Japanese hospitality brands.

    • Luxury Residences

  • Case Study 1: Consulting a top Japanese development firm on development and marketing of a luxury hotel residence.

  • Case Study 2: Marketing overseas luxury residences, and luxury hotel residences to high net worth Japanese investors.

  • Case Study 3: Marketing Japanese luxury residences to high net worth investors.