• Deputy Minister of Cabinet Office highlighted Project “Kiwami” and future potential of inbound HNW Tourism Market
  • Capella Hotels & Resorts and Artyzen Hospitality Group showcased potentials of Asian luxury travellers in Japan
  • GOYOH – Utilizing technology to offer One-stop solution to add value in luxury hospitality sectors for owners, operators as well as users

Wednesday, March 20th 2019

On March 4th, Asterisk held its second seminar event in the series of “Inbound HNW Market and Business Opportunities” in Tokyo, Japan, featuring luxury resort opportunities in Japan. The event was well received, with over 100 industry leaders and professionals attended. Audience included institutional investors, real estate developers, construction companies, luxury service providers, entertainment groups, restaurant/ catering business, travel companies, retail, winter sports affiliated companies, resort companies, hotel management companies, government related ministries, etc.

For this event, we have invited Mr. Tsukasa Akimoto, State Minister of the Environment Japan, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Office as our keynote speaker, and invited speakers from Artyzen Hospitality Group/Shun Tak Holdings, Capella Hotels & Resorts, Setouchi Seaplanes and PwC Consulting Hospitality Group to speak on the huge potential, investment opportunities and challenges in Japan’s luxury resort markets from various perspectives, for investors, operators, and service providers who are looking to access the HNW inbound tourists market in Japan.

Opening Keynote: Anticipations and Challenges to Developments of Inbound Markets in the Future – Project “Kiwami”; Attracting Global Ultra HNW

Mr. Tsukasa Akimoto, House of Representatives Member, State Minister of the Environment Japan, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Office, opened the event with a keynote speech on huge potential in the inbound tourism markets in Japan, specially on the Project “Kiwami” which aims to attract global ultra HNW traveller to Japan to further promote the developments and investments in Japanese tourism and hospitality sectors. He shared about his views on the potential business opportunities and challenges in the sectors and key factors including providing relevant services and access in the inbound HNW markets.

Tsukasa Akimoto, House of Representatives Member, State Minister of the Environment JAPAN, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Office
(Photo by Asterisk)

Luxury Experience & New Trends in Tourism Demand

Mr. Robbert Van Der Maas, President of Artyzen Hospitality Group, shared about the new trends in luxury resorts sector, how the demand of luxury experiences have evolved over the past few years, and what are the changes of the concept of “luxury experience” in the old days versus in today’s market. He discussed about the importance of incorporating cultural elements, creating unique connection and memory into the luxury resort experience in order to attract more HNW travellers in the Asian markets.

Robbert Van Der Maas, President, Artyzen Hospitality Group, Subsidiary of Shun Tak Holdings Limited
(Photo by Asterisk)

How to Create Values for Luxury Hospitality Business – and Secure Skilled Human Resources for Luxury Services

Mr. Yukihiko Ito, Managing Director of Asterisk Realty and GOYOH shared about the current business opportunities and challenges in the luxury hospitality sector in Japan. He discussed the current demands that can be seen by UHNW travelling to Japan, and expressed how GOYOH, a luxury concierge service can help cater to these demands and create added value to the luxury hospitality and service sectors. He also pointed out the challenges faced by many local operators in this sector, specifically the shortage of human resources in regional/seasonal tourism destinations, and the importance of securing skilled staff for luxury services to achieve success in the luxury hospitality business.

Yukihiko Ito, Managing Director, ASTERISK / GOYOH
(Photo by Asterisk)

Enhancing Value in Luxury Resort Mixed Use Development

Mr. Nicholas Clayton, CEO of Capella Hotels & Resorts shared about how to enhance value of luxury resorts in large scale mixed use developments. Through various case studies of Capella’s successful operations of luxury resorts across the world, Mr. Clayton discussed about the importance of creating brand value/recognition to add prestige to the property and how the brand activates the revitalization of historic buildings to create a vibrant social district.

Nicholas Clayton, CEO, Capella Hotels & Resorts
(Photo by Asterisk)

IR, Luxury, Wellness, IT: Growth Driver of Inbound Resort Market

Mr. Ryuji Sawada, Partner of Real Estate and Hospitality Group at PwC shared about the outlook on the luxury resort markets in Japan. The growth of this sector has been significant due to the increasing demand from Asian and global tourists. It is expected that more demand will come from the rapidly growing demand of Asian HNW individuals. Mr. Go Okazaki, CEO of Setouchi Seaplanes, shared about Setouchi’s luxury cruiser and seaplace businesses and how it creates unique luxury experience for the HNW tourists. Mr. Yukihiko Ito, Managing Director of Asterisk and GOYOH shared about how the IR developments and technology advancement can drive the Inbound resort markets.

From Right to Left: Go Okazaki, CEO, Setouchi  Seaplanes; Ryuji Sawada, Partner, Real Estate and Hospitality, PwC Consulting LLC; Yukihiko Ito, Managing Director, Asterisk / GOYOH
(Photo by Asterisk)

Since the event, Asterisk has received positive feedback from attendees, as well as interest from other companies to speak at our events. We look forward to continuing to offer a platform for industry leaders to inspire new ideas and opportunities in real estate.

We are planning for a third seminar in this luxury hospitality series, focusing on branded residences, luxury resort developments, and IR developments. If you are interested in becoming a speaker/partner of our next seminar event, please contact us at info@asteriskrealty.jp.

Other Hospitality Investment Opportunities

Asterisk is working closely with Japanese hospitality developers, investors, operators, and asset managers through our unique expertises as global real estate specialist. We help overseas investors access unique off market investment opportunities in Japan and also support Japanese investors with outbound investments across key global markets. We currently have some off market deals related to luxury hotel development/investment opportunities in Japanese prime resort destinations.

If you are interested in Japanese inbound investments or have overseas assets looking for Japanese capital or partners, please contact us at dealflow@asteriskrealty.jp.

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