Tokyo, Japan – Online Concierge Service GOYOH launched its luxury travel media site “GOYOH Essentials” on March 8th ( Delivering news from all around Japan on luxury restaurants, lodging facilities, cultural experiences, real estate & investment opportunities, GOYOH Essentials is a place to keep an eye on for your next vacation or investment in Japan. Information is available in English and increasingly in Chinese to create vast resources for the world’s affluent travel elite. High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWI) will find everything they need from meeting Japanese masters of traditional arts in Kyoto, racing on a snowmobile through Hokkaido or eating at renowned Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo.

“From how to enjoy Japanese hot springs to how to purchase your very own one as part of a traditional inn”

GOYOH Essentials is your guide to the undiscovered, unique and quirky sites of Japan. Taking care of you enjoying your trip to the fullest, we provide all the necessary information on how to make your trip the best one possible. For example, our guide on how to use an Onsen (a Japanese hot spring) tells you the secrets behind enjoying your Japanese bath time without running into cultural difficulties, and further articles introduce a careful selection of the nation’s most acclaimed hot springs. Beyond cultural experiences, our portfolio on real estate opportunities gives you precious insights on the Japanese market and current trends. GOYOH Essentials is displaying opportunities for global HNWI to invest, manage or even purchase real estate in Japan such as ryokan, the Japanese style inns equipped with hot springs. Through our Online Concierge Service GOYOH customers can benefit from an effective support to guide them according to their needs and their objectives.

GOYOH Essentials: Personalized experiences from dawn till dusk

At GOYOH it is important to us to support local communities and show international travelers the beauty of Japan beyond the megacities and tourist hot spots. Of course, we regularly cover Japan’s most prominent destination but we value highly personalized experiences away from the mainstream that let you dive deep into the Japanese culture. Hence, enjoying a retreat with Buddhist monks in the mountains, going backcountry skiing or securing a villa with utmost privacy in the middle of nature are just a few of the options to make your travel truly remarkable. Japan has unlimited opportunities for highly individualized travels and GOYOH Essentials is there to introduce them to the world.

To support conscious travel and sustainable tourism among HNWI, we introduce local charms through unique regional products, cultural experiences based on Japan’s rich history, and high-end cuisine made from rich and fresh local ingredients.

A look at an GOYOH Essentials article on “May in Niseko”

GOYOH: A trusted partner for overseas HNWI in Japan

The face behind GOYOH Essentials is GOYOH – Japan’s Online Concierge for affluent travelers and lifestyle enthusiasts. Services includes the distribution of premium consumer products such as beauty and electronics, private chef catering, real estate, reservations at high-end restaurants, art dealing and much more. GOYOH members are composed of ultra HNWI, prominent foreigner businessmen as well as readers of GOYOH Essentials who are interested in Japanese culture and lifestyle. GOYOH is open to partnerships with overseas travel agents or Japanese vendors and service providers.

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GOYOH is an exclusive online lifestyle concierge offering integrated service to fulfill the needs of High Net Worth (HNWI).

GOYOH Essentials is a luxury travel online media delivering the latest news and trends on luxury travel in Japan to affluent overseas travelers.